The ParentING Mastery

Live Bootcamp

The Parenting Mastery Bootcamp

  • Two-day LIVE Online Training Bootcamp, delivered by me, Malony Marneweck, in real time.
  • I will guide you and we will take action, following my exact Super Parenting Blueprint to make more progress in 2 half days than most parents make in years.
  • It is a SUPER PRACTICAL event and step-by-step training taking you through all the fundamentals of parenting and then going onto more advanced subjects, turning you into a SUPER PARENT!
  • Whether you are a confident or struggling parent or have younger kids or older kids, or any parents really!

What to Expect

Kick-Off Call:

  • We make make sure you have received all your Bootcamp downloads. Practicals, worksheets, guides and other freebees.
  • We go over any technical points to ensure that everyone can attend the bootcamp and have their computers set up for the event.
  • We go over everything you will need for the Bootcamp, so you are not distracted or caught off guard with anything.

    Day 1:

    • What is the purpose of a parent? We will exactly define your purpose and exactly what your role is as a parent.
    • We go over the six parenting fundamentals to help set you up for success as a parent. We cover all the basics to lay a solid foundation.
    • We will be exploring how to establish effective house rules, emphasizing the roles of adults and children, and the importance of the parent as the guiding figure.
    • We will be delving into the critical role you play as a guide and controller in your family, specifically focusing on how you can manage screen time to increase family happiness
    • We will focus on how to educate your child in your role as a guide. This includes explaining the reasons behind rules or decisions, as it’s essential not to assume that children inherently understand these things.
    • We will explore the philosophy of focusing on happiness to achieve a more joyful family environment.

      Day 2:

      • We will dive into effective strategies for spending quality time with your children, including practical tips on scheduling and blocking out dedicated time. We’ll share a wealth of ideas for engaging activities you can enjoy with your kids and guide you on how to maximize the benefits of these shared moments

      • We’ll delve into the importance of manners, covering why we use them and explaining common customs, as well as the do’s and don’ts of human interactions. We’ll also introduce a highly recommended book that can aid this process.

      • We will explore how to instill strong morals and ethical behavior in your children, using a common-sense guide to better living. We will discuss how to utilize 21 precepts to educate your child about making morally sound choices. Additionally, we’ll introduce you to another free tool for promoting ethical behavior in your children.

      • Lastly, we will conduct an interactive Q&A session to address any of your burning questions and provide additional clarity on any topics covered. This will serve as a valuable wrap-up to our bootcamp, ensuring you leave well-equipped and confident in applying your newfound knowledge and skills.

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